Care About Your Dog: Get Pet Plaque Attack

If you care about your pet then you will also care about your pet’s health and dental hygiene. Pets just like humans collect plaque and tartar in their teeth. Plaque and tartar cannot be removed easily; this is the reason for brushing the teeth. Now, even if done correctly everyday, you will not/ cannot do a good job of cleaning the tartar and plaque from your pet’s teeth. Eventually you will need to go to a professional to have your pet’s teeth cleaned thoroughly. Only the veterinarian or a pet’s grooming salon will have the necessary tools and experience (and patience) to clean a dog or cat’s teeth.

The veterinarian and/or the pet grooming salon are a great choice for cleaning your pet’s teeth however, they usually will cost quite a bit of money. The drawback to using a veterinarian or groomer is that they will quite likely use some type of anesthetic to cause the dog or cat to become manageable during the cleaning. Many concerns exist among dog or cat owners about an anesthetic being used. The same owners are also looking for better ways to clean their pet’s teeth without spending an exorbitant amount of money. If you are looking into an alternative to having your pet’s teeth cleaned without going to the vet then you should try on your pet Plaque Attack. Below you will be able to better educate yourself on the benefit of using this great product.

What benefits you will gain from using on your pet plaque attack?

1. The main reason is that the ingredients used to make the product are totally natural consisting of grape seed extract (not poisonous to pets) and grapefruit seed extract so you do not need to worry about whether it is safe for your dogs or cats. The grapefruit seed extract is well known to contain antioxidants that are very effective on neutralizing free radicals which can and will cause oral infections, tooth plaque, and gum disorders if not treated. Other than potent antioxidants for your pet, pet plaque attack also contains vitamin C and E.

2. The pet Plaque Attack is extremely easy to use. When was the last time your pet let you look into his or her mouth for a check-up? There are two ways to use this product; you can spray it unto your dog’s teeth so the ingredients can start mixing with the dog’s saliva. The ingredients will then start to loosen the plaque. Or you can use the gel, swipe it on your pet’s lips where they will lick their lips and the pet plaque attack will mix with the saliva and the ingredients will also start their work. The spray and gel pet Plaque Attack can also be used together.

3. You will start seeing results fairly quick too. After using the pet plaque attack for a few weeks, dogs and cats will have their plaque start to disappear, but please follow the procedure closely for a few weeks, and surely you will see that the plaque on your pet’s teeth will start to disappear. In a few weeks the plaque will get soft and loosen so you may then remove most of it manually using a tooth brush or your fingers or even a chewable green bone. The results will always depend on how closely you follow the instructions and how severe your pet’s plaque and/or tartar problem has actually become.

The drawback of the pet Plaque Attack is that – hmm!

The bottle does not last forever so later on, when your bottle of pet Plaque Attack is empty you will have to purchase another one. Luckily the regular bottle should last for 3 months, and on the current offer you get 2 for the price of one. Another drawback other than just having to purchase another bottle when your supply is out, pet Plaque Attack may upset your pet’s stomach for the first time but this is not a permanent side effect because after a few days this problem should be gone and their system should adjust.