Did You Know That No License Is Necessary To Be A Pet Groomer?

Did you know that right now in the grooming industry in the United States, no prior education requirements or examination processes exist to become a groomer? That means that anyone can set up a card table in their basement, buy a pair of Wal-Mart clippers and hang their shingle out as a “groomer.” For the animals’ sake, this is a frightening concept, as grooming obviously deals with living, breathing creatures.

These animals have no way of communicating what horrors they might encounter at the hands of an inexperienced groomer who lacks proper training. Grooming is a dangerous business: very sharp objects directed at constantly moving targets. The animals are helpless and at the mercy of whoever is handling them, and cannot fight back or complain. Most pet owners are under the assumption that their groomers have had to pass some sort of exams or undergo a licensing process which qualifies them to work on their precious pets. But, this is not the case. Ironic, isn’t it, that hairdressers have to have proper schooling and state-issued licenses to work on people, but pet groomers don’t have to complete anything?

Of course the most obvious issue in the lack of proper training is the quality of the grooming job. This is important as the goal of having your pet professionally groomed is usually a haircut of some sort, a bath, pedicure, etc. Some of that information can be gleaned from books, but that really isn’t the big danger. It is vital that groomers be properly trained, not just to give fun haircuts, but also to be well-versed in health and skin issues, diseases and dangers, safety issues, etc.

Groomers work constantly around chemicals, using them on pets for pesticide treatments, etc. In only a few states, a pesticide application license is required for groomers. These chemicals are very harsh and dangerous to both the pet and the groomer, and can cause permanent damage with improper use. It is best to seek out a groomer who utilizes botanical pesticidal treatments as a safe and effective alternative. Proper training is vital for groomers, not only for the pets’ sake, but the groomers’ health and safety as well.

Because grooming involves live animals, many perilous situations can present themselves. For instance, in the past, groomers only had one type of hair dryer available to them for use, the old-fashioned heated dryer. For many years, groomers had no choice but to use them to dry the pets in their shops. They would often times use these heated dryers as cage dryers to speed up their productivity. However, these dryers present great dangers, as dogs become overheated very quickly in small crates with the hot air blowing directly on them, and can die in just a matter of a few minutes.

These unnecessary deaths are occurring in grooming shops all over the country every single day, because many groomers are still unaware that new, unheated forced-air dryers are available, and are very safe for cage drying. This situation could be alleviated by an inspection process (possibly performed by a state-entity) of groomers seeking licenses to open salons, if such a thing existed. But alas, it doesn’t.

How about the issue of health concerns? Elderly and convalescing pets need special care and treatment while being groomed. Pets suffer many of the same maladies that people do, and some of these things can be life threatening in a stressful situation. Grooming is somewhat stressful for a healthy animal, so it is no surprise that the grooming process can be very taxing to a pet whose health might be in some way compromised.

These pets need special care and handling by someone well versed in these health issues and proper safety precautions. And, how about pets who have contagious conditions or parasites? Without proper sanitation methods, many of these things are easily transferred to other pets.

These are just a few of the many reasons why groomers should be required to have proper training and mandatory licensing. Many professional groomers are fighting for state and federal regulation of the grooming industry. But this battle proves to be a lengthy and costly one, but it will be won, someday. The tide is slowly turning as the awareness of the problem gains publicity. Recently West Hollywood became the first area to require licensure, after a dog died in a grooming salon. Hopefully the trend will gain momentum, for the pets’ sake.

Currently the only measure of professional education in the grooming industry is the certification process. In the mean time, if you are seeking out a professional groomer, ask many questions. Ask for references, and followup with them. Having your pet groomed can definitely be a pleasant, rewarding activity, if you have carefully chosen your professional groomer. Educate yourself and make the best choice for your precious pet. After all, doesn’t he deserve to be safe?

Why Businesses Catering to Pets Has Become So Popular in Recent Years

Most every home in America has at least one pet whether it is a small goldfish won at a town fair or several cats and dogs.  People love their pets and many businesses have recognized this and have created services that cater to people’s animals.  This article will discuss some of the different businesses that cater to pet owners who want to spoil their beloved pet like having pet portraits in Bethesda MD taken or even portraits in Bethesda MD that are painted, dog salons, daycare for dogs and specialty boutiques for pets.

Many people love their animals so much they want to capture the image of their pet in a professional photo.  Make sure you hire a photographer that specializes in working with animals and doing pet portraits since it takes some special patience and different techniques that are used than when shooting photos of people.  Often too, after a pet passes away, some owners may bring in a photograph of their pet to have painted in a beautiful painting to remember their pet forever.

Another business that caters to pets are special dog daycare and boarding for pets while their owners are working or on vacation.  The old traditional kennels where the dogs are isolated in cages is no longer acceptable to pet owners and these facilities often times rival fine hotels for humans.  They have pet suites with beds, and even plasma screen TV’s with shows like the Animal Planet showing for your dogs enjoyment.  If an owner works a lot they can drop off their pet for playtime and socializing as well as exercise while they are at work.  This is quite similar to a daycare that you would bring your small child to but it is geared towards animals.

Pampering your pet is also a huge business right now with several dog boutiques and dog salons existing in this country.  Smaller dogs have become more popular recently and owners seem to like to dress up these little breeds in clothing whether it is a raincoat on a rainy day, a costume for Halloween or a party dress for their birthday.  Groomers too are in the business of pampering the pet with other services available that sound like they are for people like massage, pawdicures where they actually paint the toenails of the dog, and teeth whitening.  No expense seems to be too great for many pet owners and that is why these various businesses catering to pampering your pet have been such a success in recent years.

Some people have always been animal lovers and have always owned a dog along with raising their families.  But others that do not have children like younger single working people or couples that choose not to have kids are now treating their dogs as if they are their children.  Also, many empty nesters are finding it nice to have a pet to take care of once their kids leave home. This increased amount of pets has led to more businesses catering to them.

About Pet Care – A Well Groomed Dog Or Cat, is Actually a Healthy One

Pets must be taken care of and they must look good. They are our friends and they need special attention. The nails should be cut regularly and the fur must look its best, shinny and clean. A well groomed dog or cat, is actually a healthy one. Pets know that grooming is important and this is why they have a personal grooming program and technique. The dogs will sometimes roll on the mat so that it will untangle the fur. The cats like to spend a lot of time licking their fur and making all look pretty.

This article will help you get the right technique on how to groom the pet.

The first advice is to be touchy. The pet struggles and you need to hold it so that you can handle it properly. So you need to handle the pet as touchy as you want, for all the time you are grooming it. This means touching the feet, the ears, the tail or the back. The second advice is to keep it short and friendly. The pet may not be used to grooming, especially if you are doing that for the first time. This is why you do not want to scare him. Do not be aggressive, only be gentile and talk to the pet all the time. You need to keep the grooming under 10 minutes so that the pet does not loose patient. Attention is the primary focus.

Then you need to let the pet know that you admire the fact that it is staying there and accepts to be groomed. Pets like to hear praises and you have to speak to your pet. Show the pet that you love it and it will be more cooperative.

Also, make sure not to give the pet the idea that grooming time is play time. Do not let the pet play during grooming. Be gentle and groom it without using toys or other distractions. The last advice is to start grooming when the pet is young so that it can get used to it.

What to Expect From a Pet Groomer

Owning a pet is a wonderful but serious endeavor. You always want your pet to be healthy and so you bring it to a pet groomer. But what should you expect from him or her?

Finding the answer is not that difficult at all. All you need to do is to inquire to your family, relatives, friends and people who know something concerning the field. Surfing the internet will also help you find the answers you need.

Before knowing what to expect from a pet groomer you must know what a pet groomer is. He or she is someone who sees to it that your pet’s hair as well as overall look is taken care for. He or she performs different kinds of procedures in grooming your pet. A groomer may work in a salon or an office and sometimes does home service if necessary or requested. His or her work is usually done in a grooming salon.

Grooming here means cleaning your pet. The groomer washes the dog or cat but does so in a different way. Certain procedures are followed in making the dog, cat or any other pet well groomed. They use different kinds of materials and tools in performing the procedure.

So what should you expect from them?

As with any other ventures, you expect the service not only to be satisfactory but to be excellent. Just sit back and relax because for sure your dogs are having the cleaning and grooming they need. It should be easy to note that the service must include shaving pets, cutting pet’s coat for a style, brushing pets and cutting animals’ nails. These are some of the common things you should expect from a pet groomer.

In addition, you should also expect that a groomer will use quality products or materials for the best results. He or she should not only be a groomer but more importantly a good one.

Groomers do things which you can also learn and do. But their presence helps you in times that you’re busy or you lack knowledge of doing the tasks yourself. They help you in making your pets clean, healthy and beautiful. By doing so you can guarantee that your pets will be protected against harmful elements.

All in all, you should expect a groomer to not only be knowledgeable but expert in his or her craft to be able to provide you and your pet the best service available. After all, this is what you pay him or her for.

Start A Pet Gift Baskets Business

Gift baskets for special occasion gifts are very popular. We always buy gift baskets with gourmet foods and other treats for family that lives out of town for Birthdays, Christmas, and Mothers Day. It’s something that easy to order and always appreciated!

As pet owners spend more money pampering their pets they are purchasing more special gifts for their furry family too. With so many great treats, shampoos, toys, clothing, and accessories now available for pets it is easy to start a business making pet gift baskets by mixing these products together to make an attractive basket that pet owners will love.

Birthdays and Christmas are obvious pet gift basket sales opportunities but you could also put together themed baskets for St Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, and as welcome home gifts for families with a new puppy or kitten. You could also market baskets by product theme. For example you could make a super grooming basket, all natural treat basket, travel basket, toy basket, or pet loss gift basket. Or why not put together baskets specialized with products for a particular breed. You could even provide a catalog of products to choose from so that customers can custom make their own unique basket.

Pet baskets could be marketed to pet lovers by placing displays with your business cards in local pet stores, grooming salons, doggie day care facilities, or boarding facilities. You could also sell them on the web via a website or at a chamber of commerce location. Think of some of the places pet owners go to spoil their pets and you have found your perfect market.

Pet gift baskets also make great items for pet businesses to donate to silent auction events and raffles to promote their business. Why not promote them to local pet business owners too!

All you need to make a great basket is the basket itself, some filler to place inside the basket, a cellophane shrink bag, and a decorative finish. Most large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels stock these items and you can also buy them wholesale online.

You need to make sure you price your baskets to cover labor, supplies and the items in the basket. A good rule of thumb is to price the basket at twice the cost of the items that you put into the basket.

Gift Basket Wholesale Supply is a great resource for articles about the gift basket business and crafty ideas to make baskets look great. They even offer a free course about making baskets at their site. If you do a Google search on gift baskets you will find many more websites offering advice about the gift basket business.

If you already own a grooming salon, pet sitting business, pet store, dog day care, or boarding facility, pet gift baskets could be a great seasonal profit boost. You can offer these to your clients just by displaying samples in your store to generate conversation.