Luxury Pet Grooming

The place where I go to get my hair done gives you hand and neck massages while they do different treatments on my hair. I love it. If I ask for a glass of wine, I get it. I realize this is going above and beyond the “norms” of a hair salon, but I do it because I like it, I feel pampered and because I’m paying for good service. The same, minus the wine!, can be done for your pets too. There are luxury pet groomers that will do more than just the basics for your pet in order for you and your pet to have a satisfying experience.

Some of the things a luxury pet salon will do is offer bottled water to your pooch instead of tap water. There are definitely enough people out there that not only ask for this extra service, but require it for their dog. There are different toys and treats a pet can get while being groomed to keep them happy as well. Not every pup is content with just a rawhide treat. While some people might think this is excessive, other people see it as a great option for their pet.

Many people look at grooming their pet as more of a spa experience. They expect the best for their pet, and if you are willing to spend enough money then you will get the best. These upscale pet salons are generally equipped with plenty of cameras and webcams so you can watch the grooming from a remote area if you can’t be there yourself with your pet. This will instill a sense of security knowing that your pet not only receives all the extra add-ons you paid for, but that he is also receiving the best care.

These types of luxury pet salons usually do the whole package: bath, coat trim, and nails. The nail trim is especially important since there are nerves and veins that run through dogs’ nails. You want to make sure the person responsible for grooming your pet has experience with this and know what they’re doing. A friend of mine’s dog had one of his nails trimmed too short one time and you could tell he was in excruciating pain. This is another good reason to take your pet to a pet salon you know and trust because if you don’t and things go wrong, you’ll end up really paying for it in the long run.

Pet Grooming – What Advantages To Expect

Like their owners go to barbers and fancy hair salons, pets also need someone to take care of their appearance. Pet grooming in Sarasota is booming like never before, as dog grooming boutiques now offer their customers more than a quick wash and trim. They deliver a wide variety of services to their loyal clientele, and reward them with a bunch of very attractive perks.

When you visit a shop offering pet grooming in Sarasota, expect the following:

• A large, bright, safe and cheerful indoor play area.
• Additional play rooms to separate small, medium and large dogs. Toys, chew bones and beds are provided for each dog.
• An extensive, fenced-in outdoor play area, equipped with shaded areas, pools, canvas loungers, and toys. Supervision and playmates will be provided.
• Experienced staff to watch over your pooch and play with her/him.
• A modern grooming station, complete with hydro therapy massage baths. This can be quite beneficial for older canines plagued by joint problems and arthritis. No restraints and muzzles are used during grooming sessions.
• Overnight care for grooming and day care clients.
• Webcams in all the playrooms, so the dog owners can follow their pooch at play.
• A pet taxi can pick up and return your dog if you are unable to bring your 4-legged friend to the supplier of pet grooming in Sarasota. Using the pet taxi is convenient and quite affordable.

Reliable, first-class pet groomers will encourage newcomers to take a tour of their facility. Questions are welcome. When you have created beautiful, safe pet grooming environments, it is normal to want to show them off, right?

Customer Service 101 in the Grooming Salon

Without customers we would not have pets to groom or money in our pockets. Developing a professional image and reputation will get the customers to come to you, but you need to keep them! It is only human nature to talk more about negative impacts on our lives than it is to talk about the positives. Bad news travels fast! Let’s put some numbers into this so we can see how important it is to provide the best customer service we can. Lets say your average grooming is $40.00 and this customer comes in every 6 weeks to get their dog done. That is $320.00/year from this one client. The client loyalty expectancy is 10 years. That is $3,200.00 from this client. Word of mouth referrals from this satisfied client may be another 10 new clients. That is an additional $3,200.00/year in revenue from that one satisfied customer, and $32,000.00 in 10 years! Then if each of these clients referred 10 more clients, and those referred 10 more clients, you get the picture. The numbers are mind-boggling! Unfortunately, this can work in reverse as well. One unsatisfied client can spread the word quickly and could cause you to potentially loose thousands of dollars in business. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is no big deal about losing that one customer. Loosing that one customer might have just lost you the difference between making it or not in this business.

Clients, who walk in the door, have their own needs and wants. LISTEN to them! Take the time to look over their pet. Ask them questions about their lifestyle, what time they devote to home grooming, issues they are having with their pet. Being able to greet the client and/or pet by name as they arrive does wonders for relieving anxiety. This is sooooo much better than the generic “can I help you?” statement. From this you can offer solutions to their problems. Never judge or ridicule, or gossip about customers. Help them take better care of their pets. That is why they come to you. You are the professional. Make them feel important! Always smile, be courteous, even if they are being unpleasant. Put yourself in their position and try to understand why an unhappy client is unhappy. Bend over backwards to make them happy.

Remember the scenario above. Exceeding a customer’s expectations will go a long way in gaining customer loyalty and referrals. Also, deliver what you promise. If you cannot, then communicate this to your client and look for a resolution. I hope that you can start to see that this is all a very complicated dance to take a business to the next level. It is so much more than grooming a poodle well. And finally, thank them for their business! I like to follow up with a phone call to new clients to see if they were completely satisfied with their visit to my salon. Spend a few minutes at check out seeing if they are satisfied with their pets’ groom and offer to make changes if necessary. Pet owners want to know how the groom went. Be tactful, not insulting, and never infer that the customer did not take care of their pet well. And if the opportunity presents itself offer additional services or products that will assist the pet owner in caring for their pet. You will build trust by doing this and they will come to you because they are confident in your ability. In closing, I always remember what my grandmother said to me, “treat people like you would like to be treated.” I think that was very good advice.

Nail Salon Air Cleaner – 7 Best Features To Have

Nail salon air can often be smelled several doors away. The chemical fumes that many products produce is awful. With the right air cleaner you can make these smells go away.

Breathing chemical fumes daily for prolonged periods of time can cause short and long-term health problems. So filtering the air is essential to preserve the good health of all. Choosing the following 7 features in a unit will insure that fresh, clean air is available in your shop all the time.

Steel Case— Many plastic cases will send out noxious fumes as the motor heat makes it warm. The last thing you want to do is pay to have a machine put more chemicals in your air. Steel, on the other hand, is not only tougher than nails, it will not off-gas fumes.

Portable—Having unit that can go with you regardless of whether it is from station to another in the same shop, or to another state across the country is a huge advantage. Being able to take the unit wherever you are gives you peace of mind knowing that clean air is always as close as the nearest outlet. This is particularly important if you do not own your space.

24 Hour Operation—Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) evaporate into the air and can linger there for days unless you actively filter them out. Having a cleaner that can operate when you are there and while you are away insures that air quality stays high, and new and returning clients are greeted with fresh clean air rather than the stench of chemical fumes.

Multiple Speeds—Evenings and weekends are probably high volume times. That means more products are being used and more chemicals are going into the air. Being able to increase the rate at which these pollutants are taken out of the air keeps the air smelling fresh and clients comfortable.

Low Maintenance—Having a unit with a filter that has a long life is a savings in time and money. Filters that need to be changed every 6 months to a year drastically increase the cost to operate the unit. Leave these on the shelf. A unit that uses a combination of filters to address different types of pollutants should last at least 5 years. Look for a manufacturer who will guarantee their filter as proof of its quality.

Carbon Filter—The best type of filter to remove gaseous pollutants is carbon. But even as effective as it is, it still needs an additive to enhance its ability to remove the types of chemicals that evaporate from nail salon products (VOCs). Look for a potassium iodide additive because it has proven to be the most effective at absorbing and eliminating airborne chemicals.

Particle Filters—As important as it is to remove the fumes, it is just as important to remove particles. Grinding and sanding sends thousands of tiny particles into the air which can irritate eyes, nose, and throat.

It is important to remove nail-related particulates as well as more normal ones such as dust, pollens, pet hair and dander that people with pets bring in, seasonal pollens, as well as bacteria and viruses that often attach to them.

A HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter will remove particles as small as.3 microns in size. And large and medium particle pre-filters will eliminate those particles you can see.

Choosing a unit with these features will insure that it is capable of providing clean air in your salon 24 hours a day. It will provide fresh, clean air for you, your clients and your technicians continuously while needing virtually zero attention from you.

Nail Salon Air Purifiers – 5 Features That Will Make Them Effective

Nail salon air can become unhealthy once chemicals from nail polish, remover, and hardener go airborne and stay there. An effective cleaner should have the 5 features below if it is to make a noticeable difference in how your air smells.

Carbon Filter For Chemicals – This is an essential component. It is recognized as the best type of filter to remove gaseous pollutants including odors and volatile organic chemicals that many salon products emit. Using a cleaner that can effectively absorb chemicals and remove them from the air is one of the most important things to look for in the technical specifications and/or the owner’s manual.

HEPA Filtration – HEPA is the term that results from the first letters of high efficiency particle arresting filter. This technology is the best for removing airborne particles. Any indoor space has particulates in the air such as dust, mold and mildew spores, season pollen, bacteria, viruses, and even pet dander brought in by customers who own warm-blooded pets.

Add thousands of pieces of minute pieces of nails that go airborne with grinding and filing and the air can become thick pretty quick. Air thick with particles is unhealthy as well and being able to remove them will keep your air fresh and healthy.

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor – This type of motor is designed to run safely and continuously. Designed for high revolutions per minute (RPM), it doesn’t need to be cut off for a certain number of hours each day.

Not having to remember to turn the cleaner on and off means that the air can be filtered continually and the benefit is that the air clean in your shop all the time. Being able to let it filter the air in your salon each night insures that you and your customers walk in to a shop that smells clean and fresh each morning.

Wheels – Air cleaners filter the air that is closest to them first. Sometimes when there is a particularly smelly procedure, it’s great to be able to easily roll the purifier closer so that the pollutants that go into the air are removed as quickly as possible. Sturdy wheels on the unit make it easy to roll over all types of flooring.

Variable Filtration Rate – This is invaluable option to have during the busiest time such as evenings and weekends. Doing a lot of manicures and pedicures can make the air smell really awful. Being able to pull air in faster will help remove the chemicals more quickly and limit the amount available to be inhaled. And when the air smells fresh again, it’s handy to be able to adjust the filtration speed to medium or low.