Why Businesses Catering to Pets Has Become So Popular in Recent Years

Most every home in America has at least one pet whether it is a small goldfish won at a town fair or several cats and dogs.  People love their pets and many businesses have recognized this and have created services that cater to people’s animals.  This article will discuss some of the different businesses that cater to pet owners who want to spoil their beloved pet like having pet portraits in Bethesda MD taken or even portraits in Bethesda MD that are painted, dog salons, daycare for dogs and specialty boutiques for pets.

Many people love their animals so much they want to capture the image of their pet in a professional photo.  Make sure you hire a photographer that specializes in working with animals and doing pet portraits since it takes some special patience and different techniques that are used than when shooting photos of people.  Often too, after a pet passes away, some owners may bring in a photograph of their pet to have painted in a beautiful painting to remember their pet forever.

Another business that caters to pets are special dog daycare and boarding for pets while their owners are working or on vacation.  The old traditional kennels where the dogs are isolated in cages is no longer acceptable to pet owners and these facilities often times rival fine hotels for humans.  They have pet suites with beds, and even plasma screen TV’s with shows like the Animal Planet showing for your dogs enjoyment.  If an owner works a lot they can drop off their pet for playtime and socializing as well as exercise while they are at work.  This is quite similar to a daycare that you would bring your small child to but it is geared towards animals.

Pampering your pet is also a huge business right now with several dog boutiques and dog salons existing in this country.  Smaller dogs have become more popular recently and owners seem to like to dress up these little breeds in clothing whether it is a raincoat on a rainy day, a costume for Halloween or a party dress for their birthday.  Groomers too are in the business of pampering the pet with other services available that sound like they are for people like massage, pawdicures where they actually paint the toenails of the dog, and teeth whitening.  No expense seems to be too great for many pet owners and that is why these various businesses catering to pampering your pet have been such a success in recent years.

Some people have always been animal lovers and have always owned a dog along with raising their families.  But others that do not have children like younger single working people or couples that choose not to have kids are now treating their dogs as if they are their children.  Also, many empty nesters are finding it nice to have a pet to take care of once their kids leave home. This increased amount of pets has led to more businesses catering to them.